Overconsumption – It’s Not Just for the Economy

In the past few years monetary overconsumption has been of great concern. It is presumably what got America into this recession and seems to be an issue in communities of varying socio-economic levels.

As rates of obesity rise in the developed world overconsumption of ‘energy’ (food energy, the environment debate is just too much to fit into this blog) is also costing our society in many ways.

“In 2005 we, as a global society, weighed approximately 316 million tons, which is about 17 million tons overweight…Obesity caused 3.9 million tons of that total, the equivalent of 56 million average-sized people.”

“Even more concerning: North America accounts for only 6% of the world’s population but 34% of its obesity-related mass.”

While North America is not alone struggling with obesity it is clear there is a problem here. Making healthy food and exercise choices (maybe taking the elevator a little less frequently) are largely decided by the individual. But increasingly we see big business discouraging healthy eating with their cheap ingredients or very tempting marketing. At the same time the government is attempting to promote healthy eating with Healthy People 2020, and policy such as the ‘fat tax.’

While I am on the fence if these government initiatives constitute an over-reach into free choice I do believe we have to make a change somehow. For the success of ourselves as humans as well as our success as a community we need to make healthy choices and teach the younger generations how to take care of and love their body.


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