Menu Calorie Count Warning

I read this article stating that adding calorie counts to a menu would be a good business move for fast food. This is because “51 percent of respondents said that calorie postings would make them more likely to eat at a given chain. Twenty-nine percent said that their habits wouldn’t change either way…Eighty percent of Americans would be enticed by calorie postings or, at least, not driven away.”

Now, this is what I think –

When we are out it is easy to get caught up in calories by comparison; when we should be caught up in total caloric count. It is nice to know that we can consciously order something with lower calories on the menu. But, without thinking about those calories as a part of our daily total it may not help anyone manage their weight.

You should not stop eating out, or drive yourself crazy counting calories. Just remember that something with lower calories at a fast food restaurant may not be low in calories based on how many you want to consume per meal. Also consider these foods are probably not nutrient dense. Meaning with or without the calories they are not giving you essential vitamins and minerals.


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