Food and Productivity — Infographic

I love this infographic because it helps show the chain reaction that a healthy diet can have on your life. This was made to target business owners/managers but think about all the ways you can be more productive in your personal life as well.

If you ate a more healthy diet could you:

  • Have energy to work out more? (or the motivation to get to the gym in the first place)
  • Help your family with school projects?
  • Have time and energy to DIY or cook at home more? (sounds like saving money to me)
  • Participate in active activities in your free time…think bike, hike, play tennis/bball/rollar hockey? or
  • Read a book instead of watching TV a few nights a week?
  • Finish the scrapbook for your kids you have been working on since they were born?

This list could go on forever because productivity is dependent on how much energy you feel you have. Eating right, and not skipping meals, can make your body feel better and inspire you do take time for things you were too lethargic to do before.

*To have more energy and make permanent diet changes use small swaps only 1 at a time. For example try having fruit for dessert 3 nights a week, or swap your afternoon soda for water 2 days a week. After a couple successful weeks start with your next goal (maybe eat a fiber and protein filled breakfast at least 6 days a week). By making small changes one at a time you are more likely to keep these good habits.



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