High Fructose Corn Syrup — It’s In Everything

This specific ingredient is something I always look for when grocery shopping. It is used as a sweetener and sometimes as a preservative. It is in more of your foods than you would ever realized (unless you too look for it while shopping).

The commercials for this stuff drive me crazy. YES, it is true many things that are not healthy for you are fine in limited quantities. BUT, HFCS sneaks its way into so many of our foods sometimes it is hard to know if you are really only getting the limited amount. (Oh and by the way, did you see who paid for this ad? A corn growers association)

Besides adding empty calories to your diet HFCS also can make you feel more hungry. So the more you eat the more you want to eat.

The Women’s Health article I posted has some good examples of ‘healthy food’ that actually has HFCS in it. It is usually more expensive to get naturally sweetened (or non sweetened) products but to me it is worth it. When you are shopping also notice that many times when HFCS is used it is one of the first couple of ingredients. Meaning, not only is it in your food but it also makes up a big percentage of the product.

If you are ever bored go to a regular grocery store (I am sure you would have better luck at Whole Foods) and try to find a BBQ sauce without HFCS, it may take a while.

If you have a hard time finding fruit juice without a lot of added sugar (and at a good price) buy the really good expensive stuff and add water. Pure juice such as cherry, pomegranate, cranberry etc can be very strong when you buy  the juice without lots of additives. Spend the extra money but add water at home. This way the juice becomes cheaper per serving and has a more agreeable flavor.

A couple places to look:

  • Women’s Health
  • The ‘How Stuff Works’ guys had a good podcast on high fructose corn syrup (free on itunes)

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