Yes, you can eat too much fruit (and dairy!)

I just love this post! It gives great references on portion sizes and how many carbs to aim for if the goal is weight loss.

I also love it because while I try to ignore my ‘natural sugar’ intake and focus on the processed sugar in my diet it is easy to eat too much of it. There is a reason fruit can be substituted for a sweet dessert, it is sweet!

Ways I have been trying to increase vegetables in my diet:

  • Put vegetables in my morning smoothie. While the color is not as pretty adding half fruit and half vegetables can make a big difference on nutrition content and can still taste great.
  • Take some time to cut up veggies on the weekend. The best way I think to eat more of anything is to have it readily available. On the weekends cutting up celery and carrots make packing lunches easy. Also, sugar snap peas are a great way to get something green on the go. They don’t need any prep and taste great even without dip.
  • Put my dinner on a salad instead of on a starch. Making potatoes or rice can be very tasty (and provide their own nutritional benefits) but one way I am trying to increase my veggies is by putting my meal on greens instead of on starch. Some good salad toppers: leftover chicken or turkey, salmon (quick to cook in the oven), tuna salad.
  • Or, put the salad into your starch. Adding greens like arugula to pasta sauce (just warm together on the stove for a few minutes) is a great way to include vegetables in a starch heavy meal like a bowl of pasta.

And remember, while always tasty adding cheese to the top of every vegetable or protein serving is not the healthiest choice. Pick and choose where you want these extra calories.


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