7 Health Lessons From Fad Diets

I just love this article and wish that I had the to idea to write it!

I think there are so many great little things about diets (esp fad diets) but in general they are too restrictive. Eating (or not eating) one type of food can be detrimental to normal body functions. By eating a variety of healthy foods and exercising it is possible to lose or maintain weight and feel great.

The reason I love this list is because it gives a great baseline about how to think about eating habits as well as food choices. It shows you that it takes moderation, good choices, and some exercise to stay healthy. While none of these diets may be 100% recommended they all do have great pieces and ideas that can not be ignored.

I hope you take the time to read the selected points from each diet (the article is not long) and think about which of these things you do well, what you can improve on, and how many would realistically fit into your lifestyle.

Also remember it is unusual that one diet would work for everyone because of varying health conditions, food preferences, and food availability.


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