Is Your Green Smoothie ACTUALLY Healthy And Balanced?

A little while ago I wrote about adding vegetables to my smoothies in the morning. It has been slow and steady but even though the color is not as appetizing they still taste great. I have mostly been using kale and am excited to start using avocado. And, after reading this article I think I need to start using celery.

I was also intrigued by the advice to vary the fruits based on their glycemic index level to prevent a sugar crash. This makes so much sense and I will be thinking about this next time I am combining fruit, usually I just throw in whatever is in the fridge.

I frequently do the strawberry/banana combination which is good because that makes the cut for low and medium levels. ( high glycemic index foods cause blood sugar to spike quickly after eating)

I also frequently do mango/banana/pineapple. Those are all MEDIUMS! Guess I need to rethink my ‘tropical smoothie’ strategy.

Hope these tips help you with your post-workout or morning smoothie making!


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