Motivation For Getting, and Staying, Healthy

Each comparison influences the risks associated with chronic disease and death similarly:

  • vigorous exercise vs. minimal exercise
  • healthy weight vs. 20% overweight
  • nonsmoking vs. smoking at least 1 pack a day

Benefits of being physically fit: 

  1. Restful Sleep
  2. Improves Immunity: Fitness enhances immunity to protect against colds, infections, and some cancers
  3. Body Composition: decrease body fat and increase lean tissue
  4. Bone Density: weight bearing activities builds bone strength (protects against osteoporosis)
  5. Strong Circulation and Lung Function: by challenging the heart and lungs the circulatory system is strengthened
  6. Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease: Being active will lower blood pressure, resting heart rate, and blood cholesterol.
  7. Decreased incidents of anxiety and depression: Fitness promotes self confidence and a strong self-image.
  8. Live Longer: Physical activity can add years to your life, it will also increase independence and mobility later in life. It will decrease chronic disease and injury risks.



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