Sports Nutrition

Using Fat During Physical Activity: 

  • Sources of good fat: nuts, olives, fatty fish
  • 20-35% of diet should come from fat
  • Duration: Sustained moderate levels of activity uses body fat as its major fuel.(After a few minutes of activity hormones signal fat cells to break down sending fatty acids into the blood.)
  • Intensity: As intensity increases fat makes less of a contribution to fueling the body. Oxygen must be available to use fat as fuel, think aerobic activities.
  • Training: Repeated aerobic activities creates adaptations which allow body to use fat as fuel. Addtionally as you training and increase strength in the heart and lungs more oxygen can be produced allowing fat to be used more easily for fuel.

Dehydration vs. Hyponatremia vs. Hypothermia

Level of Activity Test (calories burned): 

  • Light: able to sing (less than 3.5 kcals/min)
  • Moderate: able to have a conversation (3.5 to 7 kcals/min)
  • Vigorous: conversation in difficult or broken (more than 7 kcals/min)

Exercise Hydration Schedule: 

2-3 hours before                                   2-3 cups

15 mins before                                     1-2 cups

Every 15 mins during                           1/2-1 cup

After Activity                                           2 cups for each 1 lb of weight lost

Diet Comparison for Physical Endurance Maximum Time:

94% Fat & 6% Protein                              57 minutes

55% Carbs & 45% Normal Mixed           114 minutes

83% Carbs & 17% Normal Mixed           167 minutes

Foods Rich in Carbohydrates: have 60% carbs. To calculate this look on the label to find the grams of carbohydrates in 1 serving. Multiply this number by 4; the answer is the number of calories from carbs. Now look at at the total number of calories; divide the calories from carbs by the total calories. If this answer is equal to or greater than .60 there are 60% carbs in one serving of that food.


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